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By booking premises hire at Facility-X you agree to the following terms: 

1. Facility-X operates a "leave as found" policy around bookings and guests are to tidy away before vacating the premises, leaving minimum signs of life. Significant soiling to the space and kit will result in cleaning fees or the deposit being held

2. You will pay a deposit to secure your booking and will provide payment on receipt of an invoice issued before your booking begins. The secuirty deposit is separate from and not deducted from your total booking balance. You may lose your booking if you fail to pay for an upcoming booking. Your deposit will be returned within 48 hours of your check out time. Some card issuers take 3-7 days to process refunds.

3. The front door MUST remain locked and closed at all times. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property due to door being open.

4. Bookings are for the requested time block and not a duration from arrival. 15 minutes grace period is provided ahead of your scheduled start time, to enable setup and familiarisation with the premises. Bookers are to pack away and vacated the premises by the end of your time slot; any time taken in excess of 15 minutes over the booking time, must be confirmed with staff and would incur additional hourly rates.

5. You accept all liability for injury or fatality occurring from your use of the space. We accept no responsibility for injury caused by improper use of equipment or furniture.


6. Any damaged or missing, furniture and equipment will be charged at cost price to repair or replace. 

7. Respecting our neighbours is essential.

Please do not loiter, smoke or stand outside in any inappropriate state of dress or undress - booking activities must remain inside premises at all times.
Please keep the door to the Decompression Lounge closed at all times.

8. You accept the following cancellation terms:

• Up to 1 week before booking: The Hire Fee &

Security Deposit will be refunded and the

booking can be rescheduled for free.

• Less than 1 week before booking: The Security Deposit will be forfeit, unless rescheduling up

to 3 days before booking for a £30 fee. It is possible to reschedule a maximum of 2 times from the original date, with the subsequent cancellation of a rescheduled booking forfeiting the Deposit. 

• Up to 3 days before booking: It is possible to reschedule your booking for a £30 fee, depending

on availability.

Less than 3 days before booking: The Security Deposit will be forfeit, unable to reschedule.

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